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International Agency for Crime Prevention and Security Policies was founded in October 2009 and it is aimed, according to the Statute, promotion and support, in multiple fields, of any initiatives, actions and concrete steps to stimulate and intensify crime prevention activities, especially of the organized nature, and to ensure a climate of secured community.

To achieve the aim pursued by the Statute, the Agency will perform the following activities:

  1. facilitate exchange of information to prevent and combat acts of organized crime between law enforcement agencies at national, European and international, with strict observance of national and Community legislation in the field;

  2. promoting and supporting meetings and exchanges of experience at local, regional, national borders, European and international, between policy makers and experts in preventing and combating crime and community safety achievement for the definition and development of principles and ways of cooperation, good practices and prevention policies;

  3. providing material assistance and expertise, and facilitate communication between organizations in the governmental, nongovernmental and community to support programs to prevent and combat crime and security policies in the field, national, European and international;

  4. support and encourage performance specialists and organizations involved in preventing and combating crime, especially those organized, and in developing policies on community safety, academic, social, governmental and nongovernmental, by founding or support of the creation and operation of centers research and excellence through scholarships and funds necessary scientific research field and to support activities of law enforcement institutions;

  5. developing and implementing their own programs or in partnership with law enforcement institutions and bodies representing civil society, reducing drug demand and supply, preventing and combating human trafficking, bank fraud, cyber crime, money laundering resulting from such illicit activities and other crimes with negative consequences for the individual and society;

  6. initiating and supporting crime prevention programs that affect society, especially by encouraging local communities to develop effective mechanisms of protection against violations of the law;

  7. initiation and implementation of social programs for vulnerable categories of the effects of crime, especially drug and human trafficking;

  8. initiation and implementation of awareness programs and projects of various categories of vulnerable to the adverse effects of crime of all kinds;

  9. deployment of information and education, especially among youth, reducing the incidence of juvenile crime and drug development solidarity with the victims, promoting tolerance and social activism, as well as the social integration of young people with opportunities reduced;

  10. developing basic principles and promoting a European-style voluntary service in the field of crime prevention and community safety achievement, in which to be involved especially young people.



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International Agency for Crime Prevention and Security Policies
Bucharest, Poterasi Street, No. 10, 4 District



tel./fax: 0040 31.4259.545
DIGI: 0040 771.795 218

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